Tools & Resources – Advice Distribution

Tools & Resources – Advice Distribution

Often in dealings with Advisors and building relationships it only takes a small piece of advice or assistance to ingratiate your value and kick start the trust influence journey.

That’s we’re we want to help you.

Given you’re at the coal face everyday, we have developed a few quick easy tools for you to access or refer your Advisers to. We haven’t found a cure for cancer, just some simple FREE stuff small businesses people find useful, tailored for the Financial Planning sector.

Support for Advice Distribution Professionals

Recruit 2 Advice wants to support your endeavours as professionals driving and coaching great advice practices.

As recruiters we get asked for all manner of things to assist Advisers run their practices around the “people” piece, so we’ve developed a tool kit.

You can find Job Description and KPI docs here – Practice Resources

We’re still building an extensive resource library into our new website and will be completed in the next 4-6 weeks.

Conversation Starters

We also produce some articles that may assist your discussions around growth strategies.

One conversation we often encounter for new practice owners is the choice between employing admin or sales first. We examine a few employment options to help them decide the best direction, to grow the financial planning practice.

Read article here: What are the Options to Grow?

Let’s now turn our attention to the role of Licensee Practice Managers, and what Advisers should reasonably expect from them?

Many Advisers often turn to their Practice Manager for guidance or assistance with key aspects of their practice in growth, business strategy, referral partners, and process efficiency to name a few.

For those interested in a longer read we look into the past to explore the development of the Practice manager role, and what Advisers can reasonably expect from your relationship. For something more contentious we have produced a longer read about the value of Licensee Practice Managers, ouch!

We actually back you up and suggest Advisers should have realistic expectations on what you guys and gals can deliver. Probably not what they want to hear given the culture of entitlement they’ve enjoyed for many years!

Does your Licensee Practice Manager add value?

Trying to think of something interesting to say for next weeks’ Adviser meetings?

We’ve got some other conversation starters for you on our News & Articles page.

Growth Strategies – Accounting Referral Partners

Practice Leadership – The role of KPI’s in your business

Technology & Practice Leadership – Why we just built a new website

For those of you who known me for many years, all I can say where’s the lunch invitation? Many of you’ve been a bit quiet lately?? Maybe ducking and weaving the RC has been keeping you busy.

On that note, if you’re encountering any Advisers feeling a little down in the dumps? Here is an article designed to be uplifting for those beaten down by all the recent years’ bad publicity, compliance, education and general Adviser bashing!

We believe it’s the most exciting time in the Financial Planning industries history to be building and growing a practice. Let me know if you agree? Adversity brings Opportunity

Let us know if there are any other specific resources we can assist with.

Now go and grow the industry so we can recruit more people!!

[avatar user=”dugaldb” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Hope you enjoy the article, talk to us about your recruitment needs or HR Toolkit.[/avatar]

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