UK Advisers

UK Advisers

UK Advisers seeking opportunities in Australia.

We want to speak to Advisers from the UK to be part of a professional industry working group to establish pathways into the Australian Financial Advice industry.

A key outcome is to provide clarity for Advisers to commence transition requirements in the UK, thus being eligible to provide advice in Australia on arrival, or shortly thereafter.

The working group will consist several of the largest advice licensee groups in Australia and aims to provide more certainty for UK Advisers.

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UK Advisers Professional Working Group

Assessing a sample of Advisers with differing levels of education and experience, the group seeks to map various pathways with respect to:

Accelerated Professional Year programs
Eligibility for Experience Pathway

Please contact us directly with your expression of interest and a CV with reference 'UK Advisers'

Further notes:

Advisers engaging with the working group will have increased access to opportunities and a network of contacts to increase the likelihood and expedite the process of transitioning to an Advice role in Australia.


FASEA - Financial Services Exam

Professional Year

Experience Pathway


Post the Royal Commission in 2017 the Australia Financial Advice industry has increased education requirements. This imposed mandatory education levels and compulsory ethics exams as minimum requirements for all Financial Advisers wishing to be on the ASIC register.

This has direct implications for Financial Advisers wishing to enter the Australian market.

The impacts of the RC and FASEA led to a decline in Adviser numbers from circa 26,000 at the peak to around 15,500 Advisers today. The pathway for graduates with increased barriers to entry forecasts a low supply of new entrants in the short to medium term.

Studies show many Australians see the value of Financial Advice.

Recruitment Market Snapshot

Never Better Time

A brief history of the Financial Planning Industry and Dealer Groups in Australia



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