Why we just built our new website

Why we just built our new website

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It’s not a new version but a brand new website.

It’s not a new version but a brand new website. Over twenty years of consulting and recruiting Financial Planners in Australia we’re now onto our third website.

So why did we update?

Technology changes are rapid and in conjunction with our marketing arm Phone First Digital Marketing we realise the importance of staying up to date.

What does this mean this mean in practical terms

Let’s focus on mobile phones to start:

  • Mobile Phones now account for over 70% of internet searches in Australia, so websites need to be mobile optimised
  • Phones are more powerful than most conventional computers (mobile phones are computers) so compatibility is more important than ever
  • Phone computing power requires high impact fast loading rendered and optimised images and websites
  • Phones have integrated mapping, tap to call and tap to contact capabilities
  • Phones have integrated App sharing functionality to rapidly share data, think how quickly you can use messaging, email, facebook, linked, whatsapp or Instagram and many more to share information.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s all about the phone really! That’s why are marketing team Phone First Digital Marketing design all websites and social media for phones first and then work backwards.

Now consider what Google is all about

  • Google loves regularly updated content – not static webpages
  • Google favours long tail search with updated (2019) content – not something from 2015
  • Google wants images refreshed and updated complete with ALT TAB Descriptions
  • Google rates your phone optimisation – more than 3 seconds to mobile and you get penalised!
  • Google rewards interconnected and back-linked content with good blogs
  • Google dominates the internet and who gets traffic

So yes, it’s also all about Google and improving your SEO ranking. They regularly update their algorythms and methodologies to beat the BOTS – you can read more at Google Search Console

If reading this you realise your site might be a bit dated then contact us and we can help. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel as such, just update and integrate more technology into your current Digital Marketing strategy for Financial Planning.

If you’re scratching your head about you can learn how to improve your SEO ranking, you can learn more here. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of maximising the effectives of websites, sitemaps, meta descriptions, page titles, image alt tags, links and general web content to work effectively with the Google algorithm.

Total Social Media packages

We can manage all your social media to assist with creative branding, regular posts and the vast array of platforms and Google My Page, XML SiteMaps, Phone Speed and much much more.

Why not contact Phone First Digital Today and find out more.


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