2024 Australian Financial Advice | Shooting Stars

2024 Australian Financial Advice | Shooting Stars

Contact Recruit2Advice to discuss our 2024 Australian Financial Advice Shooting Stars.

R2A is constantly adding new talent and refreshing our large national database of financial planning advice professionals.

Through a combination of returning Advisers, referrals, relocation requests and dozens of monthly direct approaches from Advisers and aspiring Next-Gen candidates, we screen and identify the top talent available in the market.

Many rely on us to be their eyes and ears in the market for trends and opportunities.

Recruit 2 Advice | Financial Planning Recruitment

Why Use Recruit 2 Advice?

Not only do we carefully screen all Advisers, but we also have in-depth knowledge of advice styles, the practical inner workings of advice businesses, key talent attraction strategies for a business and potential deterrents for Financial Advisers.

We take the time to discuss your business, where the new Adviser fits in and the current and long term strategies you have in place. This could be for growth, acquisition, merger, succession or sale.

We prepare professional briefs for the market on your business and the opportunity, coupled with detailed analysis of Advisers skills, backgrounds, achievements and motivations. The due diligence in our assessments and matching the right candidates for your business ensures long term successful outcomes.

The quality of our placements is our brand.

Plus, we offer a professional guarantee for 6 months on our service.

The costs involved for a business when hiring decisions go wrong are very high with direct and indirect expenses and consequences. We are proud pointing to the quality of our work with no instances where a candidate has left a business and the guarantee clause has been enacted in the past 5 years!

Worried about the costs?

The cost of getting hiring decisions wrong is not only the direct expense of paying salaries and on-boarding overheads, but also the disruption to your business, your clients and your time invested.

R2A gets is right first time and keenly follows your commercial ROI over the medium term.

If you get it wrong, you waste time and money with little result.

Our fees are moderate, and we guarantee success. Moreover, when R2A go to work for you we are invested in the commercial success of your business and the ongoing success of the incoming Adviser.

Contact Recruit 2 Advice today to discuss the next chapter in your business and our 2024 Australian Financial Advice shooting stars!

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New fee payment plan coming soon.

R2A is in the process of establishing a new payment facility for clients to spread the costs associated with recruitment fees over a flexible monthly tailored plan for your business. Feel free to discuss this option with us now and stay tuned for updates.

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