How aware are you of your leadership style?

How aware are you of your leadership style?

Are you aware of your leaderships style and the impacts this has on the people and performance of your team?

Investing in the development of your team has been shown to significantly increase efficiencies, build moral and lower staff turnover.

In this article we explore the use of professional psychologists for coaching Managers, team members and building a healthy culture.

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So how self-aware are you of your leadership style, and do you invest in developing your team members as individuals?

When coaching is implemented on a financial planning practice level, the benefits are truly profound.

Article excerpt: Research shows and industry experts agree, when your employees are happy, feel supported and competent, and have a sense of belonging, there are human benefits and bottom-line benefits as well. Productivity and performance go up, as the coaching is not only benefitting the strategic goals of the organisation but the individual themselves has a greater sense of commitment to the organisation, increasing employee performance. When they find meaning in their work and feel a sense of purpose, belonging, satisfaction, and intent to stay all improve.

Read the full published article in FS Advice magazine, The Australian Journal of Financial Planning.

Why coaching has profound effects in financial advice

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