What is DiSC Profiling?

What is DiSC Profiling?

DiSC Behavioural Profile - based on the four quadrant behavioural model originating from the work of William Moulton Marston Ph.D. to examine the behaviour of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. The DiSC Behavioural Profile looks at behavioural styles and behavioural preferences and is an acronym for:

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DiSC Profiling for your Career.

Using the DiSC Assessment to Help Determine a Good Job Fit

Sometimes it can be troublesome to decipher what qualities best fit a particular career. Those who need to be surrounded by people may hate working in an autonomous environment, or vice-versa. These factors highly influence the level of satisfaction in a person’s work life. Specific roles also require definitive skills that can determine someone’s comfort and ease in a situation.

Choosing the right occupation makes all the difference, especially for high school and college students looking to further their degrees. Most importantly, finding that field of interest saves time, money, and stress. The DiSC profile does all this, and more, by giving these people the self-awareness necessary for these decisions, so they can confidently invest in their future.

Employers also use this test to assess qualities and decide between job candidates. Taking the DiSC test beforehand may, therefore, assist in the application process. Applying for jobs that accommodate applicable talents and abilities prevents people from getting denied or ending up in the wrong line of work. Overall, this test serves a wide variety of people by allowing them to realize their true potential and setting them up for success.

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