Financial Planners: Why the Accounting Fraternity Needs You

Financial Planners: Why the Accounting Fraternity Needs You

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The time is ripe to partner with accountants to provide full financial advice to their clients. But to begin let’s take a moment to reflect on the plight of Accountants……

The accounting industry is experiencing huge disruption in technology and legislation and is looking for ways to maintain revenue and clients, whilst developing new sources of revenue. Changes to the old style suburban accounting firm have been rapid.

The removal of the Accountants exemption requires unlicensed accountants to cease providing advice in 90% of instances. The changes with FASSEA for accountants to become limited authority holders is another barrier to them providing advice at all.

Accountants with a Limited Authority will benefit from you
managing their clients wholistic affairs and long term advice, investments, risk,
and estate planning.

ALL Accountants can benefit from you providing joint advice to clients for the following reasons:

  1. For accountants to genuinely provide service and
    look after their clients they need to be facilitating financial planning advice
  2. The risk of not providing these services to clients
    is someone else will, and they may loose the client entirely
  3. They can develop an additional revenue source
    for their practice with no up-front costs, up front capital, employment
    expenses, or major time costs

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