Why would Financial Advisers assist clients with FX money transfers?

Why would Financial Advisers assist clients with FX money transfers?


Whether you offer this as a high touch service to all your clients, or a select group.

It makes a lot of sense to add value and go the extra mile.

You will be saving your clients a load of money from standard retail or bank transfer margins and fees, just to start. But moreover you will be increasing your trusted Adviser brand by offering the service, and creating an additional touchpoint with your clients.

By offering this simple value add service you will be enhancing client service levels , and further:

  • Deepening relationships through increased touchpoints
  • Positioning yourself as a money specialist
  • Increasing the trusted Adviser currency you hold

All this with a great outcome and high touch service for your clients.

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Client Touchpoint, example:

Hello Client,

Just getting in contact to advise we know have the capability to assist you with international money transfers if and when the need arises. You can log in securely from our “branded” company page, or we can process transactions on your behalf.

For clients like yourself we have negotiated a special bank beating & fixed exchange margins, with no transaction fees and unrivalled payment settlement speed.

We can likely save you money, but more importantly your time, so it’s one more item we can take care of for you. Allowing you to spend more time on things that are important to you.

Etcetera, etcetera…….

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