Why R2A chose to endorse a FX International Money transfer company

Why R2A chose to endorse a FX International Money transfer company

Working closely with Financial Planning business’ and Advisers for the past 20 years we’re always looking to add-value over and above recruitment to our clients. Whether it be practice management, people & training or advice services.

Drawn out from personal frustration and poor experience using my bank, I’ve recently learnt of a new Australian company providing FX Transfers using peer to peer technology (Ripple), that leave bank fees & margins back in the dark ages!!

My journey started with an article I read on Currency Cloud – How Payment Automation can Help Your Business

After some basic research I came across FlashFX and decided to contact one of the founders (see link to Q&A below) to ask some questions. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use, speed, and the company’s focus on the Financial Planning sector.

Even better, with a background in Private Banking they offer a service tailored for Financial Planning practices and their clients.

Over and above the benefits to clients, R2A believe this can a genuine value add service for Advisers:

  • Enhancing service levels to clients
  • Deepening relationships through increased touchpoints
  • Further positioning Advisers as money specialists
  • Increasing the trusted Adviser currency you hold

All this with a great outcome for your clients.

Recruit 2 Advice - Flash Manage - Endorsed by R2A

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