3 Key Benefits – FX International Money Transfers for Advice Clients

3 Key Benefits – FX International Money Transfers for Advice Clients

On review of the FlashFX service for Advisers we’ve identified our 3 Key Benefits for Advisers to assist with FX international money transfers for advice clients.

Flash Manage is a unique Advisers mode in FlashFX that provides Adviser clients seamless access to secure, low cost international money transfers. Adviser clients immediately receive a significant ‘discount’ to retail rates, locked in for all transactions big or small.

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Advice businesses with significant volumes can request a white label ‘branded’ landing page for their clients. From this page Clients and Advisers (on behalf of) can transact direct to market, plus have direct access to a dedicated FlashFX account manager.

Take a Quick Tour - Flash Manage   (Tip: Try the Compare Rates function whilst you’re there)

3 Key Benefits – FX International Money Transfers for Advice Clients


1. The Client

Once an account is established on Flash Manage via a Financial Adviser, clients receive the discount mentioned above for every transaction, big or small, locked in.

  • Huge savings compared to using banks or retail money transfer services
  • No need to get a new quote for every transaction (discount automatically applied to all)
  • No hidden fees
  • Market leading speed & security

2. Service – Client

With the account active clients receive Private Banking style service in addition to the easy to use online portal. For transfers they can:

  • Log in and transfer
  • Request the Adviser transfer on their behalf
  • Either party can email or call Flash to process the transfer

3. Service – Adviser

Using Flash Manage FX transfers for advice clients is an extension of your service with several benefits:

  • Access Private Banking style service for all your clients (direct or indirect collaboration)
  • Utilise a white label landing page for all your clients, offering seamless access and transfers
  • Offer your clients the fastest market transfers and market beating rates

There are many more benefits we could cover, these are our 3 Key Benefits on - FX International Money Transfers for Advice Clients using Flash Manage

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